Jesus, Lucifer, and the ritual of the Cross

In memory of Thomas

I might be buried, but my dream lives on:

Operation Rivendell. By Vril and Thule:

Recreate the garden of the Gods in Norway. A society of perfect beings; elvish Illuminated ubermensch; must build a world of magick with advanced spiritual, medical, and technological science including free energy, levitation technology, and life-extention technology.  A Christian society of My Children based on my gospel of love and light.

I never got to reform the church, lead, be an actor, singer, or entrepreneur. Not even a chef. I was so good. And I had TALENT for dancing. But I was frozen all my life. Now I will dance in Heaven.

These pictures was taken in Gweum Valley near the Ffald Y Brennin monastry. Me, my dear brother, and parents slept at Ffald Y Brennin for one week. I was very ill at the time, knowing I would soon die. Before leaving, I payed a visit to the sacred Chapel a last time.

I, Jesus heir by blood prayed what I had prayed this week: Jesus give me a memorial for my children sacrificed by the Illuminati! Jesus let me die here. Jesus showed me a forest with gravestones named ¨Thomas.¨ They were covered in white flowers.. Jesus said: Stay here, my child. Jesus cried.

5 minutes off from the monastry, I felt led to take a different road, and we stumbled upon the family graveyard of a Thomas family that lived approx 150 years ago. ❤

It was covered in white flowers… Snowbells, as we call them in Norway.


Anonymous, Venus P, and Ashtar presents

If I spakred the flame of revolutionaries: Anonymous, the Ashtar group, (both whom I don`t necessarily like) and the Venus project presents revolutionary enlightenment for the great awakening of ultra-liberalist anarchism, and self-sustained culture-reservatories that is taking place: Opposing the system, and rebuilding humanity one community at the time. Click the link below, and be amazed.

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