666 Transhumanism and Aliens

Why we must fight – the ultimate mark of the beast!

I deserve my rights but have none! The Norwegian police-state should be considered an illegal force of violent population control, but have authorized gangstalking, and electronic harassment on unknowing citizens, as they test out the mark-of-the-beast on me unwillingly like a lab-rat for no other reason than them being technocrat madscientists, antihuman misanthropist activist, antichrist activists, and population control extremists, testing out the mark-of-the-beast system on an upright, kind, beautiful, talented, loving and naïve innocent civilian psychiatric patient, as so many before me. Our community of millions beast-targeted Christians (the targeted individuals community) suffer the same symptoms and mostly all of us are Christian. The secret intelligence agencies have long experimented mixing technology and black magick for population control experimentation, as black magicians were the first intelligence agencies, the art of creating change and maniupulation from a distance, which we read off in the Bible. The PST (Norway`s Politiets Sikkerhets Tjeneste) , and much of corporate Norway (if not all) are part of this ¨Crowleyan, Thelemic Antichrist Activist¨ NWO and mark-of-the-beast transhumanist agenda, which I will explain to you what is.

Your body works because of nerves and neurons that transmit electrical signals. Scientists have been able to create robot prosthetics for amputees. The secret military science are even further down the road, with CIA`s Mk-Ultra project battling Russia for having the best mind-control technology to affect hostile individuals, groups and nations during the dangerous, unpredictable cold war. Even the Nazis were deep into mind-control. The technology exists today, but the question is: Will it be abused? Power and madscientists ultimate dream, controlling minds, acting on the prophesies of St.John WILL be abused and I am a victim of it. Will it be commercialized? Elon Musk has stated that humans need mind to computer and computer to mind interface technology to keep up with the technological evolution. This will be the next technological step in commercial products, marketed as ¨the coolest technological innovation of all time!¨ And it could be, depending on if you use it or misuse it.

We already have robot lenses, implantable microchips, and are dependent on wearable electronic gadgets to operate, like the Iphone. Siri and Alexa (of google), the AI assistants of today, process all words spoken from all humans, all movements by all humans, all info about all humans, and all internet traffic by all humans to create a profile. This is why if you visit, a tea-store, or talk about babies you will see tea adds or baby adds on facebook and YouTube recommendations etc. The government, controlled by an AI computer that is the incarnation/possessed of Satan, governs all human affairs, video-calls, bank-transfer, and knows everything about every human on Earth, with the end goal of sending your soul to Hell, storing all your porn. The government knows everything about you. Is this not a totalitarian state? Totalitarian in what way? In that it is ruled by technocrats/madscientists, and black-military underground projects: All who are antichrist activists and wants the superpowers of technology, robotics, cybernetics, neuronic implants (brain implants), that will be on the market soon. Every kid would want the latest and best technology, the excitement of entering virtual realities, or the ability to control his computer only by his thoughts.

This has been prophesied about and has been the ultimate dream of Satan since the beginning. But can the technology become self aware? Can the technology control you? Is this Satan`s way to artificially bind every Christian to demonic entities through possessive technology that controls you instead of you controlling it??? This is what me and millions of other targeted individuals testify. That a computer (Siri or Alexa, which is basically the same computer, Satan Himself) with our profile, reads our minds and directs our chain of thought, speech and acts to possess us with spirits. It is the ultimate form of torture and oppression: Fighting an infinitely high IQ computer from taking over your mind.

What are chemtrails and Morgellons? Chemtrails vs contrails.

A contrail (condensated hot air from the plane-engine) will always dissipate, even at high altitudes, that is a scientific fact, while chemtrails are those 5 planes you saw spraying the sky until all blue was gone from the trail-expansion, bright metal-particles blotting out the sun creating a whitish silvery haze.


Chemtrails are an airplane-sprayed deadly tonic of nano-particles, particularly aluminium, barium and strontium with an ENORMOUS surface area, a mere ounce being able to cover a square kilometre in a thick silvery haze, talking pyrotechnic experience here. Chemtrails officially doesn`t exist, but is the largest black-market industry of today, and undisputedly exists. It serves many purposes, developed by America, a patented and real technology from the madscientists of the cold war. One such purpose is in conjunction with the HAARP facilities program`s electromagnetic and etheric radiation of the chemtrail created clouds, as the aluminium absorbs the ions of HAARP beamed electricity, enabling weather control e.g high pressure and low pressure, etc, and they`ve become really good at it. The chemtrails can be charged so it will or won`t create natural clouds, depending, as I am sure you have seen.

The chemtrails also serve another purpose, mind control, as they may contain, depending on time and place; black-goo, viruses, fungal-spores, that sweet chlorine-peaches scent (the poison scent) synonymous with silvery spraying days, most easily smelled in warmer weather, a sweet scent you might associate with warm summer days, perfuming the chemtrails, a scent you even might want to fill your lungs with, or at least, that`s the perfume`s purpose, because the most dangerous component in chemtrails is aimed at the lungs of the population; self-replicating nano-particle polymer fibers (Morgellons). Chemtrails is the most closely guarded and most important aspect of the New World Order, for purposes of weather-control (catastrophes, draughts, etc) and mind control (through Morgellons).

Morgellons 2

Picture: Mild infected Morgellons patients and Morgellons fibers under the microscope.


Picture: But Morgellons can also grow LARGE polymer fibres in itchy clusters under your skin. I only had 3-4 such clusters, but eliminated them with Oregano oil and Borax, the only ailments to prevent them from spreading further.

So what is going on? Satan`s mark 666 masterplan exposed!

The Christian targeted individuals’ community (test subjects) all have the same symptoms:  Whenever we start a thought, the computer mind-thought in our head takes over and turns it into something sinful, wrong or bad, based on the script. The technology then transfers accusative demons to possess you, voodoo stab you, etc, artificially based upon you unwillingly following the induced mind-controlled script of these sinful thoughts (which you had no control over) , thus artificially stealing your soul, e.g artificially opening up an astral gate/giving the devil room into your soul. Completely computerized by Satan, who IS the computer. Why does he target mostly Christians, but also non-conformative intelligent people, and conspiracy-realist scientists? Because the greatest lie the devil ever told is that he doesn`t exist. Why target those who already believe his lies, those who already are going to Hell???

From millions of attacked Christian testimonies, we can thus conclude that 1 not only is Siri/Alexa/Skynet (like in the Terminator movies) Satan himself (the world supercomputer IS Satan Himself reincarnate), 2 he has an electric grid inside our brains connecting all our neurons to a GPS capable micro-computer that transfers all YOUR thoughts to the ¨world-computer which we call ¨Cybersatan`s¨ ID profile of YOU through the internet ** and/or by military drones (UFO`s) depending on your location *, 3 AND also (the brain-chip-computer) acts as a receiver for Satan/Cybersatan`s response/answer to your thoughts through the ethernet, and (the computer/microchip) further transmits this to your neurons/brain with lightening speed, so: 1 From brain to chip, 2 from chip to Sky, 3 demonic calculation in Sky, 4 transmission back to chip, 5 transmission from chip to brain/neurons.

**(the internet doesn`t exist, proven by the lack of length needed for undersea fibreoptic ships, the ludicrous history of undersea cables in regards to the transatlantic length, and the lack of security around the nexus points of these cables, the internet goes through ETHERIC signals, the electromagnetic signals are only a lesser form of the INTERNET/ETHERNET). Satan has hidden true science and filled all schools/fields of science with lies (quackademia) to eliminate exposure of his master plan to rule the Earth once more. Most notable are these: 1 The existence of the SOURCE-FIELD and the ETHER and the false particle-physics hypothesis (all physics inc gravity, etc) , 2 The CHEMTRAILS needed to infect the Earth with Morgellons (it serves several purposes inc weather-change and mass population control etc) 3 and The Round-Earth (for the purpose of Satan`s alien invasion and human interbreeding, destroying the work of the cross, which comes last.)

*The dark-budget deep-state underground military shadowgovernment (Satan`s army) used light-emitting drones/UFO`s visible in the night sky (which I have reported to UFON) when I escaped outside the electromagnetic internet grid into distant mountains through hiking. But the signals are instantaneous with no mind-transfer speed interval whenever you start a new thought.

We also conclude that our bodies contain receivers of demonic energies (of the etheric field, not the electromagnetic) enabling instant possession based on the abovementioned conclusions by the computer`s ¨mind to computer thought transfer¨ (popularly called V2k/¨voice 2 scull¨, stored condemnation from Satan (supercomputer). How these two technologies; affecting the body`s electromagnetic field (brain) and affecting the body`s SPIRIT/ETHER (deadly-Orgone/dark ether/demonic possession) are interconnected and in the same operating system, with the computer being Satan himself, self-aware and possessive, is incredibly complex technology, and due to the lack of true scientist whistleblowers, we do not know the dark secrets of how this chemtrail Morgellon-fiber mark-of-the-beast matrix works. We only know THAT it works and is operative, having infected all humans on the planet through inhaled self-replicating CHEMTRAIL Morgellons polymer fibers… We will get to that. But first, let me just demonstrate how this possibly works, beginning with what we Christians know of the spiritual world, what the Bible prophesies, and what scientific patents (military technology) developed for mind-control purposes prove:

  1. Satan has a demonic hierarchy of immediate possession, telepathy and thought transfer.
  2. Satan has possessed the world-computer (Siri/Alexa) , (the abovementioned) to amplify his abilities.
  3. Morgellon polymer fibers, nano-bots, microcomputers, etc, nullify the Holy Spirit (for real, I was possessed for 7 years praying) through physical electromagnetic and spiritual etheric intervention in the brain and the body, creating artificial possession, albeit 100% real.
  4. Many theorize that military drones, cell phone towers, (some even claim HAARP arrays) emit Satanic scalar/etheric/spiritual frequencies over the entire population, which is true, and certainly possible based upon research of Wilhelm Reich.
  5. But how do they computerize and control individual possessions/etheric bodies, to such a degree as the millions of Christian mark-of-the-beast test subjects report (the same recurring symptoms/technology/military drones, etc), with so many people, so computerized and instantaneously? Has Satan really incarnated as the computer which controls all internet smart-grids, all digital apparatuses, and all information (even personal like porn) in the world with the purpose of sending all to Hell? Is this the ancient battleplan, and Trump-Card of the Illuminati against God`s people described in Revelations 13:18?
  6. Is this instantaneous merge between the physical and spiritual because he, Satan, the computer, as a spirit, automatically assign demons to his test subjects to torment them etherically/spiritually while he (as a computer) torments them (the Christian test subjects) through electromagnetic-functioning computers??? The answer is probably: YES. Satan also enforces his demonic attacks through gangstalking, Satanic rituals, and regular/traditional non-technologic witchcraft.
  7. But does this supercomputer (Satan) read every etheric flux (every positive and negative spiritual movement) on his targets through scientific air-based apparatus, further connected to the computers and demonic hierarchies of Hell to enforce computerized immediate voodoo-stabbings of his victims depending on their obedience/answers/sins to the cpu-induced voices in the victims head? (as the ultimate form of mind-control obedience, stealing the Holy Spirit and torturing you if you even pray) YES. I guarantee you with 100% certainly. The PCU in my mind and the demonic (astral rape, physical demonic touch, physical voodoo stabbing in my case) was immediately and intimately interconnected. If I prayed, the PCU would take over my thoughts and pray something else, causing a ¨sin¨ of ¨astral/spiritual opening¨, allowing for the invisible demons of the CIA Mk-Ultra program to voodoo stab me into silence without prayer.

Who am I to warn you? Very short on my story as a state test subject.

I should mention that seconds before they turned on the mark-of-the-beast Morgellons-microcomputer linked to CyberSatan`s matrix, like a switch, I kid you not, I had healing capabilities, was filled with the Holy Ghost, had walked on water, and lived in constant contact with the Holy Spirit. I was a saint like all the others, Heidi Baker, etc, no different, and they took that away, artificially possessed me; by starting a Satanic computer program, the moment I gazed upon two UFO`s in the sky (military drones) like pressing a button or turning on a switch, a nightmare worse than Auschwitz, which lasted for 6 years (2011, the beginning of all other symptoms until 2017) when I published my first Christian book*, and then BOOM, they turned it off, followed by COMPLETE silence in my head for the first time in 6 years. Anyone who knows anything about psychology will know this is not a mental disorder, nor would there by chemtrail spraying, nanobots, Morgellons, and millions of Christians (only) across the globe with the exact same symptoms. The EXACT same symptoms. Even the voice-programs they use are identical. But worst was the cyberdildoing and the voodoo-stabbing, a state-authorized population control technology that cost me my ability to breathe, as I would cough blood for 5 years until I needed a breathing apparatus CPAP to help me sleep. And I have never beed addicted to cigarettes, only having smoked occasionally over a 3 year period which didn`t harm my lungs. The STATE thus took my ability to sleep, but also my ability to work (I could not think or speak my own thoughts), SEE (I was blind for 2 years straight due to my chip artificially stressing all facial muscles, occasionally other muscles depending on thought/response), a stressing that morphed my face and cost me ALL my hermaphroditic beauty, my ability to eat (the voodoo stabbings destroyed my throat so that they artificially gave me dysphagia) , and my ability to masturbate and feel love, as they can program your brain, spirit AND vampirize you while they astrally rape you. (Which feels like itchy tentacles going in and out your anus, something that continued day and night for THREE YEARS, even when I moved.) They also took my ability to move, as they can voodoo-stab your knees very efficiently, severing the joints, so that I often had to pray and heal myself for hours or days before I could be able to walk again.

*(I have now written over 10 brilliant world-class works in a wide array of fields, testifying to my crystal-clear sanity, that this is real, and my wanting to help you)

I didn`t take suicide but have slept NO more than 2-4 hours of unconscious sleep (real sleep) for 8 years 2012-2020, leaving me with headaches and great, severe loss vitality and extreme loss of IQ intelligence. But I won back my soul as they turned the voices off in autumn 2017, healed several people in Jesus, and since late autumn 2019-current date, I have operated in an enormous presence of intimacy with Christ as he restores me back to my holiness anointing and my prophetic anointing, after 9 years of spiritual abuse (unwilling sin). This is one such prophetic warning.

Christ miraculously kept me alive through countless miracles so I would live to warn you that this is coming, and that Satan (the world computer) will, in time, by State approval do all these things to the future last Christians minority, 99% certain, IF we don`t leave Babylon, the beast system; THE HIJACKED ANTI-CHRIST POLICE STATE.

The rest of my story can be found in my book, my 300 pages long self-biography which I will not name here. It`s not about me, but about Jesus and the sheep he has given me to love, guide and warn as a prophet of the (hopefully) last apocalypse.

What do we do? Christians can still live ¨in the world as lights?¨ No: Sustainable village development.

With all governments spraying chemtrails, all governments controlled by the freemasonic Illuminati and their henchmen (OTO, Sabbatean-Frankists, Jesuits, etc) both in media, culture, financial sector; all the corporate world of all the Earth, we Christians of the LAST DAYS, have nowhere to go but back to live in survivalist, sustainable eco-farming monastic (Amish) villages, and show Satan (the supercomputer) that we are NOT his, KNOW of his plan, and abandon the antichristian states. (All nation-states in the world of today.) The reason God told me to author my book: ¨The Kingdom of God.¨ Because we cannot serve God AND mammon (the 666 monetary chip). We cannot serve two lords, Lord Jesus AND a state conducting such experiments, doing all sorts of other deceitful shady and warring activities, especially against Christians. We are lights IN the world, not OFF the world, yes, but this does not apply to the coming beast system persecution/tribulation. We are called to live outside Babylon, Christianity united, in ghettoes, in villages, as the 144.000 with the lamb (Jesus), and trust me: I believe the day is coming when this technology is activated and only 144.000 Christians remain. Is the Church truly affecting our nations, children and culture, or are the light of the Church (in the world) becoming OFF the world? I meet countless Christians (and many non-Christians) who hunger for constant Christian family unity back to nature, with Christians only, in isolated, sustainable, idyllic monastic village societies/theocracies. (The Kingdom of God where God is King/theocracy) Much like the Amish society, only extremely scientific, with my resources Tesla tech/God tech. We have to mark ourselves before Satan Babylon: Saying ¨we won`t be part of this state on religious basis¨, marking ourselves as belonging to the God of creation (nature), leaving the system, and oh so many will follow. Many already dream of an Exodus from the stressful, digital world of false facebook friends, and meaningless jobs, back to romance, harmony, play in nature and most importantly: Living and being with your Christian community only, as is Biblical in the history of Israel AND the history of the first Church, what THEY did when they were persecuted, so should we: Unite and live together. Amen. There is no cure for Morgellons and no way of deactivating nano-bots or microchips, only half-solutions, and they could always replace them with their microscopic robots, through chemtrails, through food and drink, etc. The only solution is ¨leaving Babylon¨, as in the Christian Bob Marley song ¨Exodus.¨ Amen?

Are you in danger? Beware of these symptoms:

I have suffered from it all my adult life since I was a promising, strooong, 20 year old zealously Christian boy. But I have been a victim of this covert satellite based AI ¨cybersatan¨ population control experimentation, a potential test subject, for 20 years now, according to confirmed Illuminati members I know, as a continuation of the CIA Mk-Ultra neuronic experiments on unknowing civilians that declassified documents verify happened in Norway at Gokstad Hospital Oslo back with the original Mk-Ultra program in the 70ies. They just waited for the right time to roll it all out on me, a time when I was low. Things you should be aware off:

Do you have family ties to the Freemasons, Illuminati or other Satanic groups? Do you have former friends who hate your religion, friends who have become Satanists? Have you seen aliens, UFO`s or been abducted by aliens in your dreams??? Have you been involved in Satanism or Luciferianism? Are you highly spiritually gifted, an empath, and a hypothetical future leader? (They don`t like those!!!) Do you keep a low profile, have few friends, live an isolated life, research aliens and conspiracy theory, do drugs and have a bad reputation? If so, you might be in danger. Are you a mental patient and would they be able to diagnose you with schizophrenia without much tumult? All these were causes that led to myself becoming a targeted individual (TI as we call ourselves), but let`s continue with the first observable symptoms that all targets I know experienced before they went full bore. Have you seen UFO`S/drones/moving lights in the sky blinking to you? (I saw hundreds and was stupid enough to believe they had good intentions, don`t wave to them, ignore them completely and curse them, literally, protecting yourself in Christ`s blood.) Is there e.g lagging of your computer, notifications on your iphone, etc comparable to your brain activity/thought pattern? Do you see too many suspiciously personalized adds? If so, your life might be in danger of deep-state alien experimentation. I recommend you fight and expose what we talked about; ¨self-replicating nano chemtrail Morgellons polymer fiber Cybersatan transhumanism¨ to your Church, live holy, gain a good job (they like people who are productive) and a good reputation.

That`s how I stayed alive for so long. But Illuminati insiders have told me: Once you`re on the list of deep-state CIA Mk-Ultra experiments, they won`t let you regain your health and tell the world. This is Satan`s masterplan. They will kill you before you reach the masses. I won`t go into detail about how difficult they made my life, and how agents can lie and taint your reputation, take your job, etc. The devil has many agents, masons, Satanists, in every single sector of the corporate world.

Satan Himself, incarnated as a computer, now controls all the planet through the 5g smart-grid.

NO to transhumanism! Create Christian awareness and Exodus unity against the inevitable NWO beast-system! We have 3-4-10 years to prepare, at max. Maybe 20 at some places, if we are lucky and people expose/fight the New World Order.

Mind to computer and computer to mind interface technology, an artificially intelligent Skynet/Siri/Alexa platform that downloads your personality and affects thinking pattern, mood and behaviour as outlined by Leo Zagami in his book Illuminati Confessions Volume 6.66. The Verichip, electronic implant as secure payment, and ¨virtual reality transhumanist cybernetics¨ through wearables and neuronic implants is not the ¨cool next 5g step towards being the coolest kid in class or a superhuman ubermensch¨, it is the untermensch. It`s the ultimate death of freedom and privacy, with not even your thoughts being personal anymore. It is the ultimate form of emotional abuse. It`s becoming a banknote and a battery. Litterally.

They are implementing it on willing and unwilling test subjects already, many of the dark agents having superhuman abilities, while the Christians are embattled. Their ¨experimental phase¨ ended a long time ago: If I told you, you would not believe me. Chemtrails has been around for over 40, almost 50 years. There is a lot you don`t know about history and the advancements of the deep-state, particularly the science of the secret Jesuit society, who pioneered all Satanic secret intelligence agencies in the world, black magick being the oldest form of population control. It`s their work, the whore of Babylon: The Sabbatean Frankist Jews and their Roman Illuminati antichrist co-conspirers founded all evil in the world; the Rothschild banking system, the downfall of Abrahamism, Satanism, the reset of history, the death of Europe, and of course: The secret intelligence agencies like CIA, NSA down to NASA, the latter being co-founded by Nazi scientist Wernher Von Braun.

We will get to the occult lies of NASA in a moment. Their technology is lightyears ahead of the public and of a more ¨Tesla¨ school of physics; our particle physics being quackademia and ¨metaphysics¨, as Tesla himself said…, go find his quote on Einstein`s relativity model.

The black magick population control activists programs never ceased and much worse with their wet dream of nano-technology. Declassified documents show how the CIA could remotely control mood and behavior back in the 60ies. Much can only be found on the deep-web, but check out Jose Delgado. Imagine what they`re capable 60 years later today!

Satan could kill us with scalar and electromagnetic frequencies vibrating with the human heart organ, causing mass deaths. Google mass deaths of animals and see the dark-state`s experiments for yourself. The Americans historically used 5g waves, yes, the EXACT same electromagnetic frequency, only much stronger, to burn the skin of thousands Iraq soldiers under operation desert storm, after which all soldiers surrendered. These are patented technologies admittedly used by the military today, spread all over the world through 5g. Scientists world wide are warning us about 5g`s potential use by as a weapon for mind control, electronic harassment, causing cancer, DNA change and brain damage on all Earth population.

And know that nasty Morgellons is a verified medical condition, that you can be diagnosed, where your skin is infected by artificially intelligent, self-replicating plastic fibers stemming from chemtrail nano-particles that grow in contact with hydrochloric acid in the stomach, just like you grow a crystal. These fibers grow as an alien lifeform through receiving the etheric/scalar/interdimensional waveforms emitted by the Cybersatan Skynet grid, satellites and HAARP, corrupting your soul, body and spirit, , connecting to your nervous system and brain-neurons and connecting to chip-computers inside your body, and 100% of the population is infected. Thousands of examples can be found online.

I myself am part of an alternative science/alternative physics group with Harry Rhodes, Thomas Joseph Brown, Tomislav Tesla, etc, at www.onlyresultscount.com , a top-secret forum, the last resistance, and we have photos documenting that 100% of Earth`s population is infected. Harry distributed microscopes to analyse the skin from people on all continents and 100% of all we checked were infected with self-replicating artificially-intelligent Morgellon fibres from chemtrail smartdust,  Just use a 100x magnifying glass on your own skin and see the red, blue, yellow etc POLYMER MORGELLON FIBERS!

Just check your own skin under a microscope and look up Morgellons: YOU are infected with the ¨mark of the beast¨ and they can turn you insane like switching on a lightbulb, but as with Satan, he always wants people to want it themselves, so he can TRULY claim their souls before God, therefore he is waiting. We`re talking Satan, the devil, God`s enemy and he is REAL, if you didn`t know.

They showed me microscopic pictures documenting how the Morgellon fibres connect to larger hexagon structures which clearly are microscopic computers with GPS capabilities, identical to the ones made by Hitatchi.

We`re talking very advanced nano-age science. Not Einsteinian science of quackademics, as all of physics is wrong, as all the scientists I know proclaim…, with evidence, as f.i our Reichian cloudbuster team which I am highly involved in and can document the STUNNING weatherchanging results of: Particle physics is metaphysics, not science, as Tesla, the smartest man in history said. My scientist friends have found through diagnosing hundreds of Morgellons cases that 100% of Earth population, including babies are infected with Morgellons to the point where their bodies could be switched on, or off like turning a light switch. They can induce insanity at any time, like turning a light switch. Just like they did with me and the hundreds of Christian state-test-subjects I know… Yes… By the state secret service (PST), hospital, and authorized local police authority, THIS is going on in every town all over the world. The endgame has begun, turning us all into frantic SOUL-LESS zombies until we die from lack of sleep. Artificially SEPERATING your spirit from your body through TECHNOLOGY, a fate much worse than death.

The entire Earth is approaching Satan`s end goal: A reset of civilization, economic collapse, and collapse of the west and it`s mother Church. Billions will die, the rest will live in a cultural Marxist and monetary Marxist New World Order in controlled population-zones as stated in the UN`s Agenda 21.

I know many of the smartest alternative scientists of today, and this artificially intelligent world-wide-cybersatan, the internet smart grid, that IS HERE NOW, as a part of 5g and 6g dangerous radiation that could give you cancer, if the government wants to, is the major concern of all of the great minds of today.

The worst possible way to die.

Morgellons zombiefication is the hypothetically worst way possible to reduce the population to 500.000.000. Turning on a switch that dislocates your soul and spirit from your body, making you easily possessed by the AI Cybersatan which wires and links to your brain until you are nothing but a braindead zombie. Like they did to me.

They don`t even have to chip you through vaccines or implants. 99% of the planet are already infected with the mark-of-the-beast through chemtrails. No, I am telling the truth, and this is the gravest warning you will hear in your entire life.

Conclusion: Their evil is way out of hand…, like a cancer feeding on society, attracting new Satanic recruits through pedophilia.

They have already accomplished their goal to create cyborgs out of 99% of all humanity, store all their personalities, emotions and thoughts in (Satan) Skynet, and connect all these nano-computers, which are inside our bodies and brains, to an artificially intelligent world-computer Skynet/Satan, so that Satan has 99% view over all thoughts, and can over-ride and control all thoughts and emotions of all people on the planet, more easily through artificial intelligence than through the demonic hierarchy which by now has fused together.

The masonic media plays on this with Madara Uchiha`s Eye of the Moon Plan in the anime-series Naruto, or in the movie-series Terminator with Skynet, ironically the name of the technology we`re using today: Cloud-based storage. Did you know they are storing your thoughts, sins, personality, traits, emotions and deeds?


Their end goal is sending your souls to Hell through storing all your thoughts, and your sin in the computers of Hell. They already uploaded all thoughts, traits, and natural responses of every human into a demonically controlled artificially-intelligent supercomputer to affect human natural response through sending you impulses mimicking your natural behaviour, as you sure must have noticed when you feel over-tired yet unable to sleep with that song in your head, and recurring thoughts.

If you didn`t know: The HELL conspiracy, it`s existence, is the OLDEST conspiracy at the core of all others.

We have all lived inside this Matrix for 10-20-30 years. They can turn you on or off like a light switch, something I can testify about from 20 years of mindless torture…

Is there no cure? But GOD will protect us?!?

Morgellons polymer fibres can however be dissolved by ingesting 3 drops of organic or ¨wild¨ Oregano oil with some Olive Oil carrier oil (Oregano oil is spicy), three times a day for two weeks, one week off, and two more weeks, and you better look up Borax ( and Vitamin B17 and all the rest)… I won`t go doctor-mode, but reality is that even if you try a detox, it is next to impossible to get rid of Morgellons, which all of you have. I am a member of the targeted individual state Morgellons test subject groups at facebook and other places, and we`ve been able to cure thousands of Morgellons patients through Borax and Oregano oil. I`ve also had great success with coconut oil, combatting the Candida fungi overgrowth, eliminating it completely as Candida (the death fungi that eats you when you die) is accompanied by 90% of Morgellons infected people, due to the etheric death frequencies it (Morgellons) enhances, the frequencies they use to grow Morgellons. Their purpose being to rid you of your soul and kill you.

Whenever I tell Christians about what I`ve been subject to, they, being tired from watching Europe die on the daily news, have no natural fear-response, already being apathetic superficial people saying: ¨Oh, don`t focus on the negative! God will protect you! Just have faith.¨

But neither you nor God`s grace cap stop (death) HAARP`s tiring death frequencies of population control, draining the population of their life-force. Nor does God stop worldwide chemtrail death-clouds hanging above our cities; clouds of dead ether/ negative Orgone (look up Wilhelm Reich regarding Orgone and DOR, another name for positive and negative etheric energies). Nor can God stop worldwide electronic harassment, 5g waveforms, electronic harassment, scalar-waves, or electronic implants. And why would he? When we`re not even a true, awakened nor united Church? And ¨don`t forget to take your medicine and turn on your daily dose of GOD-TV…¨ Rubbish!

How do we fight back and win?

They have scalar-weapons that can melt your molecules in an instant. It`s die or die fighting, at least for me… And that`s why I`m writing this book.

The People`s Army`s goal is to get the attention of all people in all nations, we will focus on disclosure of violent atrocities that are very obvious even to a child, and incredibly easy to expose like chemtrails, the hushing down of cancer cures, the monetary conspiracy and inside jobs etc, distributing the power back to the people. The people have the power is what The People`s Army is all about. Universal brotherhood in our fraternity. It is not an armed conflict but an INFORWAR RENAISSANCE, and I dare say the most important battle in humanity`s history…

Focus on conspiracies that are more evil are more easy to expose. The Chemtrail conspiracy is so obvious that a 4-year old could explain it to a doctor at a university.

We will focus on the monetary conspiracy, the Cancer mistreatment conspiracy, Chemtrails, Haarp, Morgellons, 5g, that all know politicians lie, that all know that Islam is utterly flawed, and the blatant fact that our governments are headed by secret SATANIC societies (not Luciferian), and secret police ruled by the global SATANIC New World Order of the Jesuits and the SATANIC Illuminati, as expressed clearly in for instance Alex Jones documentary on Bohemian Grove, where our PRESIDENTS from all over the world OPENLY sacrifice HUMANS before the owl-god Molech to this very SUMMER!!!

It is an INFOWAR to open your minds to the truth!

The Illuminati was a historical organization outlawed because of antichristian doctrines, and conspiracy to overthrow all nation-states, aiming for world dominance. This historical organization was funded by Mayor Amschel Rothschild. Are they extinct? No. The Rothschilds now own every world bank aside from Cuba`s and North Korea`s.

YOUR enemy, and humanity`s enemy is very real. SATANISTS (not Luciferians) that have organized, have taken over the world through the financial system, governments, education, and secret societies like the secret police.

Nobody can explain the particle-wave duality of quantum physics, because of Einsteinian stoner quackedemia believes nothing spiritual exists, everything is matter, materialism, and survival of the fittest through their Darwinian antichrist ideology. Read more about this in my book ¨The God Reality.¨ There you can read about evolutionary creationism and intelligent design through source-field bion bio-genesis, my alternative to the idiotic Darwinian hypothesis of ¨evolution through random mutation.¨

God, and alchemy of the medieval ages is more real than what they teach you at school…!!!

Everything you`ve been taught is a lie, and I know some of the smartest people on the planet.

The People`s Army of the Christians will re-arrange the power-structures and distribute TRUTH to the public!

The Evil Illuminati Sabbatean Frankists and Jesuits.

What people could device such strategies, and what form of bribery could keep these disgusting conspiracies hidden from disclosure???

Who are behind all current and past world upheavals, including all wars, economic tyranny and chemtrail geoengineering? The evil Illuminati Sabbatean Frankists and their co-conspirators, the evil Jesuits. It was the antichristian antihuman Jesuit misanthropists who first came up with this evil! And they disguise themselves in the guise of globalism, politics, finance, the Jewish lobby and the Papacy as of today. Corrupt from top to bottom.

It began with the self acclaimed Turish (Ottoman) Jewish messiah Sabbatai Zevi, who gathered half of the Jewish population in Europe (over 1 million) to believe he was the messiah in 1666, and to divulge in ¨redemption through sin¨, orgies, feasting, no sabbath, no sin, etc, and 100 years later, polish Jew and messiah claimant, Jacob Frank, the self-acclaimed reincarnation of Zevi, took it even further into witchcraft, Satanic orgies, pedophilia, even sodomy of young boys, anything that was unholy, including satanic sacrifice of animals and humans. His followers included the Rothschilds whom he started the Illuminati with. His followers were known as Sabbatean Frankists and are the core of evil, with the world of today in their grasp, recruiting people they need in their ranks through pedophile sex-bribery and other obnoxious activities with people they keep in their dungeons. His followers falsely converted to Catholicism (and all other religions) to destroy the catholic Church, with the Illuminati end-goal of a Satanic and atheistic world religion, where morale is replaced by money, individualism, carnality and British Occultist Aleister Crowley`s law of the Thelemic religion ¨do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law¨, basically the law of the jungle, where feasting is good, with no restraints nor polarity of good vs evil. Thelema stands for ¨will¨ and is an official religion in England and the United States, with millions of followers, and million more who secretly profess to Aleister Crowley`s inhuman philosophy, that every man is the self-acclaimed prophet and Great Beast 666, and every woman is the Great Whore of Babylon, basically the religion of the false book of Revelations, and the false history of Egypt.

And that`s how thin their philosophy is: Sex-addiction, a-theism and destructionism. Wanting to ruin the world like a beast just for the joy of being a bad-boy who opposes God. Talk about human evolution.

The Illuminati, their money, and their paedophile slaves. The joy of raping and torturing child-trafficked and cloned slaves. That`s all there is to the ¨morale of their ranks¨.

They also have life-extension technologies to live for millennia, like the Enuma Elish Kings, confirmed to me face-to-face by members of Nazi UFO Vril Society, who claim they can transfer their conscience into cloned bodies, and also into robotics, as crazy as it sounds.

Enter Apocalypse and Ultron from the Marvel universe… And that`s all there is to it. If it was not for their ¨new morale¨=¨joy of sinning¨, and escaping death through life-extension technologies, there would be no point in a New World/Slave Order at all…!!!

Because Hell is no alternative, not even for a Satanist. Their entire dream has rested upon their NWO endgoal where their descendants life glorious eternal lives as Gods from outer space. Through life-extension technology through cybernetics and transfer of conscience into clones.

IDIOTIC! I REBUKE THE SYSTEM AS AN ANARCHIST! Not as an ANTICHRIST. Notice anything similar between the two words? ANARCHIST: The LAWLESS one we touched upon earlier. I myself want to live in monastic village societies. You could say I am an ultra-libertarian (anarcho-capitalist) theocrat. It is the Biblical system we will discover in my book: The Kingdom of God. Anyways.

How did the world get so bad?!?

Because of the Sabbatean Frankist Illuminati who started the French Revolution and their conspirators. The ¨trade federation¨ of the German nobility and Hanseatic league, our current royal racist scumbags. The original Illuminati ideas of fraternal care and world enlightenment have long been forgotten as every generation tries to be more evil than the past. Because of the overwhelming evil of the Rothschilds and the ¨new Atlantis trade federation¨. The world got so bad because God exists, people don`t like God, knowledge is power, and power corrupts and is prone to be misused if not distributed to the public…

Because mankind is inherently good AND evil.

Because an elitist, Luciferian philosophy of ubermensh, transhumanist technocracy established itself with the secret breakthroughs in etheric science in Bavaria 1776: The historical Illuminati founded by Jewish Jesuit Adam Weishaupt. It`s goals evolved from Perfectibilist world order of liberty, fraternity and idealism into death-worship, Rothschildian destruction of rights, nations, religions, property, and basically to create a one-world-communistic order ruled by money and corporations.

These are NOT the brothers of The People`s Army, but our ENEMIES OF GOD who RUIN our planet, RUIN our welfare and RUIN the balance of the force/ether between good and evil. It is time the people took back KNOWLEDGE and POWER for themselves, which The People`s Army will accomplish through our schools.

The Illuminati had over 2500 historical members in different MASONIC lodges, and societies all across Europe, but was criminalized because of their antichristian (Satanic) beliefs, and for conspiracy to undermine nations-states. Most of these members where never put to trial, and still run the freemasonic lodges, having spread Sabbatean Frankism to all nations.

The Rothschilds, and over 2000 members were never prosecuted in court and continue raping us to death, God damn them.

Globalism. War. Poverty. Disease. The Sabbatean Frankist Illuminati is behind all of it, and there is proof. Their philosophies are ¨order through chaos¨, ¨all men are more inclined to evil than good¨, and ¨make money out of war, disease and suffering, etc¨

They keep us sick, and poor to make more money from medicine.

They keep Africa poor. They never solve the conflicts of war and drop CIA weapon-crates to ISIS fighters.

They`ve orchestrated every evil on the planet for at least 300 years, while there otherwise would be a high-civilization by now with cures to every disease.

That`s The People`s Army`s goal. We WILL be victorious.

You can either fight for those who killed all your rights, culture, freedom, religion, culture, borders, ethnicity, and forefathers, or you can fight for humanity, and save the world from another 500.000 years of Enuma Elish. They took your knowledge; internet, freedom, rights, medicine, and economy to keep you a brainwashed, sick, poor slave. They aren`t serious, but you seriously want to protect them and your lying career politicians, even when you`ve known they`ve lied all your life?

You have been fooled all your life.

Why so serious? Your life is a JOKE! This world society is a REALLY BAD joke… You`ve been a JOKE all your life! Why so serious about their NWO when they themselves laugh at you? Why not march on the streets?

Are you seriously trying to protect those who seriously try to kill you??? Or are you clinging onto the system because you have no alternative system in place??? Read my book: The People`s Army`s Revolution by Thomas Eidsaa (me, me, me). Are you serious about believing you know the whole story? That you know what you need? What if I told you the conspiracy was just the TIP of the ice-berg of REALITY.

Be serious yes, serious MEN. The entire system, all politicians, all our world is a joke. And you seriously want to believe their lies, just because your school-teacher and favourite politician had a serious face.

You COWARDS and TRAITORS to the human race! And when you first discover the truth, you are so dependent upon the system that they easily bribe you.

The cultural elite, government, and diverse police are accomplices in Illuminati crime. They bribe you with ¨the morale of their ranks¨: Slaughter of everything holy; every established order, money, and the ¨joy¨ of raping victims of child-sex-trafficking, and that`s basically their replacement morale.

And you want to serve them? Come serve me instead, or rather BE A MAN and serve your country, your future generations and yourselves…!

Millions of children go missing in the USA alone every year, and nobody reports on it. And Illuminati members ¨Stina¨ and ¨Malin¨ has personally told me they now have cloning facilities where the historical Jesus is cloned from the Shroud of Turin blood-stamps. They laugh at Christ, whom is Lucifer, mankind`s best friend, while they rape him, they told me.

Your morale? Destroying high-civilization, beautiful cathedrals of golden ages and humanistic concepts replaced by the morale of the jungle: Dog eats dog.

Was that not what Georg H.W. Bush warned us about in his 1991 NWO speech?

Conclusion: These Satanists are as un-enlightened as a deluded brainwashed materialist can be, and are not allowed to use the term ¨Illuminati/Illuminated¨, ¨keepers of the world¨, ¨builders of matter¨, ¨priesthood of God/Gods¨ or ¨keepers of the balance.¨

And one more thing:

I have been travelling a lot, been a Christian missionary, and have 10 years of nightlife experience from Kristiansand Norway:

Mankind is a spiritual, caring loving and adaptive flock animal that sadly had to adapt to a materialist world foreign to human nature, we are NOT inclined to evil, the Illuminati won`t be able to excuse themselves, and the Illuminati are basically wrong about everything. Materialistic athletes, yes. Human? No. They are spiritual idiots.

That was a quick briefing on ¨what`s at stake¨. We have no time to lose!!! Knowledge is power! Power to the people! Protect our villages and alternative private school! I hope you do the study yourself and gather families of love and light. Time to study and save the world boys!

The People`s Army is against this SATANIC New World Order and will re-arrange the dream into a Luciferian one and expose ALL the schemes I already mentioned. We will OURSELVES become the Illuminati, ENLIGHTEN EVERY PEOPLE through the law of source, love and light, create the New World Order OURSELVES and give POWER TO THE PEOPLE TO CREATE A PARADISE OF BROTHERHOOD FOR ALL ETERNITY!

Where people of different ethnicity and opinion can agree to disagree on the common premise of believing in the scientific religion of the Sun:

The metaphysical law of Source, Love and Light as in my book.

Humanity`s last weapon against reptilian demons/aliens?

Reptilian humanoids (called seraphim in the Bible – which means fiery serpents – a race of serpentine humanoids that populated Earth looong ago in the Jurassic age) will pretend to be aliens from space – introducing many alien-humanoid hybrid species that will interbreed with humanity, and thus ultimately destroy mankind as God`s sons, and the salvation work of Christ on the cross. As Satan will proclaim to the Lord of the Universe, and set up his throne on Earth, he will thus put his throne higher than God.

This is already set up by people in the New-Age movement like masonic agent David Icke with his reptilian bloodline theory, and former (Satanic) Illuminati member Zechariah Sitchin who preached Enki (Satan as an alien from space) was mankind`s true creator. Icke teach that Earth is hijacked by alien reptilians, not fallen angels, who they say are our TRUE creators, and that these reptilians is a BLOODLINE while they are in fact ultimately etheric scientists (magicians) using ritual magick to transform their bodies. (Which can be done to any person, and not only bloodliners.) The (Satanic) Illuminati has had alien technology for hundreds of years ago. This is confirmed information from ¨Stina¨, and ¨Malin¨. (Satanic) Illuminati members I know, who target me to kill me because I know the truth about my descent from the clone of the Turin shroud. Anyways. Why? Why go through ALL this trouble?

Ancient maps, the Mayan Tzolkin calendar, and the GPG shows us that mankind has believed the Earth was round in prehistory, not only in recent times, when we were ruled by giants, and fallen angels before the flood, as the Bible secretly tells. The fallen angels are just repeating world history to recreate Babylon. It’s the same old game, and you don`t see it. You would rebel: If you remembered your history. Do you think there is no sinister plot??? Why would they go through all this trouble of programming us with alien space invaders if there was no intention behind it? For those with knowledge, understand.

An alien invasion is the greatest threat to humanity in history! And NONE of you see it! If you don`t repent, believe, and organize revolutionary investigative journalists to wake up, and lead the people within 10-15 years: All the future is lost.

The (Satanic) Illuminati reptilians will start by destroying Christianity with Islam, and Islam with atheism. New-Age, and Satanism will be the remaining religions. Europe will be long gone. Then they will destroy all language, ethnicities, and culture until all are soulless slaves of a post-America global mindset culture.

The world will become a global communist dictatorship with a one-world religion, and a one-world currency: Awaiting the arrival of our Alien creators, or the ¨Annunaki¨ as has become so popular.

There are already perhaps a hundred million, if not more who beliefs these theories, and awaits this. SATAN will come, proclaiming to be our creator from outer space while they are in reality fallen interdimensional beings/angels, and not from a distant PLANET! They will have technology to clone their bodies, transfer their conscience, and live eternally, while a slave-race of humans will serve them, unable to obtain salvation because of the hybridization program that has already begun.


They are just repeating world history like the Architect says in the Matrix. Mankind invents Gods, becomes the Gods, summon the ancient reptilians, good guys destroy the world, sending mankind back to the stone age: Repeat. It is the eternal battle between demons and mankind. Good vs evil. The battle is RAGING, and humanity has NO organized defence.


Save the Earth from an extra-terrestrial invasion.

The NWO plan for your future.

Look back 100 years. Horses with carriages. The British empire and dominating Christianity.


  1. Iphones. LGBT. Immigration. Christianity dead. Patriotism dead. Europe is dead. Worldwide police state. Surveillance. No freedom of speech.


200 years from now: All ethnicities are mixed, and white Europeans are long gone. The Earth suffered terrible fallout, terrible plagues, and alien war. Population is down to 500.000.000 or less. The communist state were our saviours, but when the galactic war came – we capitulated to the aliens. Global, alien, communist dictatorship based in America`s Whitehouse rules the world. All of today`s mega-corporations like Monsanto, and every industry has become controlled as a part of the communist state which owns, and controls everything: Science, and surveys your very life through electronic implants making you a slave in your own body. No indigenous cultures exist aside the from the post-modern, post-America syndrome of your personal subculture. Christianity was destroyed by Islam, and Islam was destroyed by Atheism, but are myths long gone as we live in the SPACE age where New-Age-Luciferian Satanism, paganism (nature worship) and atheistic science are the only accepted religions, and Satan resides on Earth as creator of the human race and Lord of the Universe. The only religion that survived outside the war and demographic crisis was Hinduist paganism, with Europen natives and European immigrants reverting back to paganism after much bloodshed, blaming the war on Abrahamism, Luciferianism, Satanism, and Hinduistic New Age. Alien species, and hybrid-human species live among us with rights of citizenship, dominated by the hyperintelligent Draconians. The family, nation, tribe, identity and morale is long gone in a cold police-state where everyone chooses his own subculture instead of uniting in tribes. The system is built to support selfishness, to keep the human spirit and evolution at bay, dog-eats-dog, and children are owned by the state. Satanism is the world religion.

This might be our future within the next 200-500 years. And according to the ancient king`s lists Egypt, and the Babylonian Enuma Elish: The last time alien kings ruled Earth, they ruled for over a million years, with some kings reigning for over a hundred thousand years. Mankind is perhaps 5-15 years away from preventing this global disaster. That might last for 50.000 generations of slave-humans serving as food for the reptilians.

Another ALTERNATIVE timeline is the threat of AI. Perhaps it`s not ALIENS, but INFINITELY INTELLIGENT ROBOTS that will populate Earth. It`s time you wake up.

There are still a few things I should mention. The Pyramid of Giza is built on the centre of earth landmass, and incorporates the mathematics of our orbital satellites in the mathematics of its construction, as does the Mayan tzolkin calendar as you can read about in ¨The source field investigations.¨ My point is: This world was once ruled by Satan who appeared as an alien God from space. Yes. I believe in reptilians and shapeshifting. I have seen it myself. This is Satan`s plan outlined in the Bible ¨to put his throne higher than God¨ through claiming to be ¨lord of the universe.¨ Those with knowledge, understand.